My main interests: Number Theory, Geometry, Abstract Algebra


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I do research in mathematics, especially number theory, but also in algebra and geometry. It's cool math!

I was a researcher in the CNRS, France, from 1983 to 2002, and professor in the Department of Mathematics at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA, from 2002 to 2018. Although now a retiree, I am still affiliated with CNRS as Directeur de Recherche and with Texas A&M as Professor Emerita.


Abstract Algebra

I was an author for  and co-designed their 

Abstract Algebra course.

ALBERT on Twitter: @learnwithalbert


My Books!

I have published two research books in my specialties!

My book on Geometry is entitled: Complex Ball Quotients and Line Arrangements in the Projective Plane; Click here for: Publisher's Webpage (Princeton Press) on my book.

My book on Number Theory is entitled: Periods and Special Functions in Transcendence; Click here for: Publisher's Webpage (World Scientific) on my book. 

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Selected mathematical publications

Here are the .pdf files of some published work by me and my coauthors. I published under several maiden names (e.g. Sarah Cohen, Paula Cohen, Paula Beazley Cohen, Paula B. Cohen), and then under my married name, Paula Tretkoff. 

My Resume

I invite you to read the resume of my career in mathematics! 

It needs updating to reflect my retirement effective 12/31/2018.

Resume (pdf)


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